I Bought a “Ranchette”! Now What? Homesteading Plans Just Got Serious.

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You ever just end up doing something HUGE that you were just sort of led to and as crazy as it seems it’s just too clearly meant to happen? If not your time will come, mine did over the weekend lol.

On my Facebook account I don’t think anyone believed me when I posted over the weekend that I *accidently* bought a ranch but no seriously… I really did and yes, it really was an accident lol. I just filed a new business license for a company I have wanted to start for a long time and I decided to go for it and get it done while the time felt right so I filed all the legal paperwork, got my tradename and all of that taken care of Friday. I also bought a refresher course on Real Estate Investing and I was all set to go.

Saturday morning I get up and start just looking at properties and I signed up for an account on an Online Auction website and went in to look around. Well, funny thing is, I am moving things around in here and I don’t have a mousepad at the moment, I do but it’s sitting across the room while I work on rearranging my cluttered desk and my mouse tends to just jump around when I least expect it so when I meant to go to the next page I bid on a Live Land Auction instead when I clicked.

I didn’t think it was a big deal and went ahead and decided to practice bidding since I didn’t know how it all worked and knew there was NO WAY ON EARTH it would sell for that low. So I moved on and went about my day and a few hours later I check my email and apparently I had the winning bid. Talk about a stunner lol. I checked everything out before I ever signed up so it is a legit auction so my luck was just incredible but the thing is, I wasn’t exactly looking to buy right then & there, especially without any research of a property at all, NOT something I would ever recommend to do lol.


Could I have gotten out of it? Yes but I could not let go of how my mouse had just jumped to that bid so combining that with a dream I’d had the night before I felt that I was led into it for whatever reason and I really am looking for a Homestead location so it sort of made sense and I threw all practicality out the door and got the debit card out. It’s official.. I bought a 10 acre “ranchette” in Nevada. When he came home he looked at me and knew within seconds of seeing me and gave me that all too familiar “What did you do now??I’m kinda in trouble right now but he’ll get over it :p He’s known from day one that I am gonna do what I’m gonna do and he can’t stop me lol.

It’s a big leap from the lush Farmlands of Ohio to a Desert sitting below a massive mountain range in Nevada but it’s a beautiful site for that Earthbag Home I want so badly and in full transparency, I got a 10 acre fenced in ranch with a barn & small building of some kind for less than $10k because it was a foreclosure and how often do you get a deal like that? It’s ready to be filled with cattle, horses, emu, whatever I want to do. The previous Owner already did a lot of the work for me. I feel bad for them though cause my gain is someone’s loss and it doesn’t feel natural to me to celebrate someone’s loss so let’s send that person some Healing Vibes right now.

Now this was not planned for so there is a lot of details to work out and I’m still not 100% that this is the site I want for myself or if I am going to just hold onto it for a minute then sell it. I have a lot of details to work out before I make that final commitment and honestly the only thing that is really holding me back is my kids. They are all grown and my youngest is 23 but the grandkids are still only 7 & younger and I don’t know if I can bring myself to move so far away. I really don’t get to see the kids & grandkids much anyway because they all live between 1-2 hours away but that’s not nearly as bad as all the way across the country.

Another bonus about the location that I found in my research is that the property is right beside an Opal Mine, a Ruby Mine, old mines & Ghost Towns of all kinds and Geodes as far as the eye can see. I can literally go be a Rockhound out there and perhaps sell Crystals & Geodes online for income. I can also still do Real estate Investing from anywhere as long as I have internet access to at least a phone so aside from my kids & grandkids there really isn’t much of a reason to not go for it. My Mom lives with me but she does have her own place just sitting there but she came to stay with me when she developed health problems but she is a lot better now and my oldest daughter would gladly take her in.

So I have a lot to figure out and today when I go out to tend to the Silkies & Ducks I’ll run it by them and see how they feel about moving from their safe little yard to an area with Mountain Lions & Wild Horses. I bet they will have to think that one over lol. If I have any Readers that live near the Nevada Desert I’d love to hear your input!

To Be Continued..

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