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Are You Paying Attention?

We are currently shifting into a new 5th Dimensional Reality and the information to prove it is available but we have to be alert and observant to find it because we aren’t going to see this on the Evening News. This page will guide you to the Resources & Tools that allow you to see things for yourself and connect all the dots that revel the bigger picture.

Name a Star

Tools For Awareness

Today’s Events

The International Space Station: See live events as they unfold. People are catching unknown crafts on this feed.

Earthquake Maps: See Live Earthquake Maps in real time to see what’s going on with the Earth’s seismic Activity. What is happening with the Volcanic system?

Power Outages: See where the power is currently out anywhere in the USA incl. AL &HI. Threats of major power outages are possible at any time, keep track yourself to know the facts.

Google Earth: See satellite images all over the world. Look for anomalies in the Oceans & on Land

Air Tracker: See Live Sky Traffic in real time. You can search anything from a Friends current Flight to GITMO traffic.

White House Stream: See what is really taking place in the White House with Zero Censorship.

Weather Map: See this National Weather map to look for trends in climate. Be sure to go to the upper Right to adjust for the type of map you want to see!

Schumann Resonance: See what the Earth is up to day. This is a very important radar! Our Energy Levels are affected by this and in turn our Energy affects the Radar too!

SETI: You can join the search for extra-terrestrial LIFE on your home PC or Laptop! It’s fun, free, and who knows what you may find???

Live ZOOM Map: This map is a little different that Google Earth. I personally like it and it’s worth checking out for specific time periods.

See What’s Happening With Congress: See what the News isn’t talking about and find out what’s really going on in the US Congress.

SETI: You can join the search for extra-terrestrial LIFE on your home PC or Laptop! It’s fun, free, and who knows what you may find???

Moon Phase

Check out the Current Moon Phase to understand several things

  • Moods
  • Weather
  • Oceans
  • Births/Deaths
  • Mating Cycles
    • And so much more!

Awakened Reads

These books are on my Hot Items List for being great books that I encourage my Audience to read.

Our Latest Articles

Be sure to keep up with our latest topics!

Recommended YouTube Channels

This is a list of wonderful YouTube Channels that I think are great for Awakened Lightworkers to check out. You may or may not agree with them but what makes you Awakened is the fact that you are willing to look at the information, do the research, and form your own opinion.

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