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This article wasn’t planned and is not in my little booklet of topics and in fact I’m only writing it because I had one of my “Real Dreams” last night. I had a really intense night and woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck complete with a sore shoulder. I slept so deeply I didn’t even get up to pee once which never ever happens ( after all, I have a 44 year old bladder) and I am lethargic and devoid of any and all energy today but I have to write about this.

If you haven’t followed me for a while and don’t already know this about me I will explain. I am what I call a ” Real Dreamer” or a “Prophetic Dreamer” because I don’t know what the actual term for this would be but I’ve done this my whole life and when it happens I like to keep records of what happens in my Astral World experiences and I often share them with my Readers because something always comes into manifestation with these dreams… always.

The Deepest Secret Humanity Holds…

After I woke up this morning the scenes from my dream are still fresh & vivid. When I have these dreams I never forget a single detail because they aren’t exactly your typical dreams. As crazy as it sounds I firmly believe that I leave my body during these deep vivid dreams and cross into the next dimension.

This dream lasted the entire night, one single dream that lasted for about 7 hours of what we know as “time”. I was aware that I was out of body and was at a planned “Check In” on this massive unearthly highly technical “Station”. I can’t bring myself to call it a spaceship or whatever it was… but I’ve been here several times in previous dreams. I was aware that I had an appointment with a Council and I was waiting for my turn and mingling with humans and other peaceful Beings while I waited.

I remember that I was hoping to see my Guardian Angel, Archangel Uriel but never did get to do that. It’s been about a week or so since I’ve been able to connect with Uriel and it’s been on my mind because I worry when I’m not able to connect but other members of my Spirit Team were there and all was well, everyone was happy to be there & reunited.

This Angel approached me with my “Plan of Action” as she referred to it as and I sat there reading this paper and while I can’t remember it word for word, the knowledge I got from it is still very fresh in my mind. I remember how I felt each time a dot was mentally connected and I had knowledge of the full story behind the details I already knew.

Before we continue, I don’t consider myself as a Conspiracy Theorist because I hate that term. You know the CIA invented that term to make TruthSeekers look crazy right? But yes, I do research and investigate things that are Hidden in Plan Sight. This started when my Pineal Gland activated years ago and only recently in the past year or so have I really started digging deep.

So I never did get that Astral Council meeting accomplished but I already know that this means I will have another Real Dream within the next few days because I know I was next in line (seriously.. you can’t make this stuff up lol!) and when I get my turn I will see what they need to talk to me about.

But the main point of this article is to share with you what I learned about in this Plan of Action book I was reading that the Angel gave me. It pretty much explained all the little bits & pieces that I was already aware of but it filled in the blanks and gave the whole story.

Once I got some coffee & Pepsi and a Camel 99 in my system (Nasty habit I know!) and collected my thoughts I sat down in my office and started searching with keywords that I remembered from this Plan Of Action book and the name that I saw on very last page along with a few numbers.

When I put all of this together and did a simple Google search I was stunned.. like.. I literally sat here and felt my body physically react to feeling so stunned.. the Plan of Action as I knew it as was a real thing! It’s a real book by a real person.

The Goal

So once everything was pieced together for me it was pretty clear from what I remember this Angel telling me, I had to write this article and do a video of it but I am not filming anything right now because I have a terrible sinus infection that is so bad I can’t even wear my dentures so I had to put everything on halt. In fact, if not for this dream I would not even be writing today since my head has just felt so foggy for a few days and I just haven’t been inspired to write or do much of anything aside from tending to my little farm critters because they rely on me.

I am going to put my dream into another article and collaborate it with a video because I was given the direct task of doing that but I want to share with you the actual video article I found today that pieced it all together for me.

For whatever reason I was led to share the work of another person which is rare for me. I usually do not ever research before I write and I don’t “study” the work of Other people, I base my Teachings on information I have been given through dreams, Intuition, direct knowledge or what my Spirit Team tells me or leads me to.

This is why some of my content don’t always match up to what others may say or think. Also, most of my articles are written through AutoWriting . I may sit down and trance out and let my fingers just take over but today it’s just me lol…

I was very specifically told that the people who need to know this will see my work so if you are reading this right now make no mistake.. you were led here to read this for a very important reason and I hope you also stick around and wait for me to get my article on the subject finished because it’s something Humanity needs to be aware of so we can change it .

The Message

This is based on a book written by Sherry Shriner and was written years ago but pay close attention to what this video is telling you. This is a link to a Facebook Video. I ask you to please watch it and really think about what it shows you.

Sherry’s Website is full of Truths that are so crazy & insane sounding that most wouldn’t believe it but I know that a vast majority of my Audience is Awakened enough to understand this information and will be able to process & understand this knowledge. Again.. that was a big part of what I was told.. Those who see it are meant to know and were guided to see it on this article.

I have already started on this project and will be working on it this week. I’ve got some research to do because some of what I was given last night contradicts some of what I know to be as truth so I need to re-examine certain things and create the time to work on this but the entire message I got is on the way.

Video “Prisoner’s At Dulce….”

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