How Do You Respond To Negative People?

Do you have anyone in your life who is constantly Negative about everything? This person might be toxic, narcissistic, abusive, or otherwise just plain foul to deal with but there is a way to put them in their place without losing your Positive Mindset & Energy.

So, I have someone in my life who just doesn’t even want to be happy, I really think this person loves to be negative and they aren’t happy unless they are angry or complaining and they seem to not only invite the worst possible outcome but they welcome it with open arms. It’s hard to be around someone like this especially when you love them but hate the negative outlook they force on you. I have pretty much learned how to not let them affect me and you can too and all it takes is to turn the tables on them by not letting them get away with it.

Unless you can tolerate it better than I do there is really only one option and that is to avoid it at all costs and when you can’t avoid it, don’t allow yourself to become infected with this negativity they are trying their best to push off on you. If you spend enough time around it you will be affected by it and I look at it like this, nobody has the right to take your happiness away from you no matter how you feel about them because their toxic mentality is never going to do them or you any good. You may be trying to raise your vibes and here they come making sure you are feeling as miserable as they are and nothing you say or do to cheer them up helps a bit.

So What Can You Do?

First of all, you have to get the right Mindset to deal with this type of person and if you aren’t prepared for it they will accomplish their goals and put you in a bad mood. You see, they aren’t truly in a bad mood and they are actually feeling as normal & content as you do (or should I say as you did before they came along) but their Mindset and energy isn’t at the same level as yours and they truly don’t realize just how bad they feel and how miserable they are because it becomes their way of being normal.

So once you understand that this person isn’t just in a bad mood and needs to be cheered up you have a new tool to work with and it will help you in your defense against them. Let’s say you ask “what is wrong”? that will anger them because they don’t think anything is wrong and to them you look stupid to be blunt about it. They are just fine and you are the problem in their mind.

So don’t ever fall into that. What you can do is just play along and ignore the Negativity. Start telling jokes, tell about your day, smile, or pretty much anything you can do to show that they are not getting to you. You will probably be asked “what are you so happy about?” or something along those lines because it will anger them that they didn’t bring you down. You may be tense on the inside but do not let it grow into a full on bad mood because you have the ability to reject that Negative Energy from your mind & body.

They watch your Body Language. They look for signs of stress such as tensed shoulders or fists, the tone of your voice, facial expressions, They want to get that rise out of you and if you don’t give it they may step up their game and try even harder to upset you but you have something they don’t… you have the ability to shield & protect yourself by looking at the conversation as a game of logic. The less energy or response you give them the more frustrated they will get until they really are upset.

This is when the magic happens. If they can’t get you upset they will get angry and stomp off. Unless they are willing to be physically abusive towards you there isn’t much they can do. If they are abusive then you need to find a way to get away from them but if it just a simple case of a flawed outlook on life by a toxic person this will do the trick because it’s all about the reaction you give or don’t give. If they can’t upset you even after they take it to the next level they won’t want to be around you.

They mark their targets pretty easily. They know who can’t tolerate them and who can and you will notice that they don’t want any part of anyone who acts like they do. They will zone in on people who want to be happy because there is no fun in it for them if their target is already miserable. It’s a game & they love to take people’s joy & happiness from them. They see it as mentally beating people up and odds are, they have had many years of practice and they have studied your buttons enough to know exactly which ones to push and when.

But let me give you The Gift of Awareness… If they don’t behave this way towards everyone and only target select people or specifically just you.. then you are in a toxic abusive relationship and it doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. It can be Parent-Child, Boss- Employee, neighbor or friend, or pretty much any type of relationship and you don’t even have to know them very well to be considered a Victim. If you are targeted it’s because they see the special in you and it angers the lameness in them.

Signs that you are being Energetically Abused.

  • You are always the target of their “Jokes”
  • They frequently like to embarrass you but “don’t mean anything by it”.
  • They never have a kind word for you or will become unkind out of nowhere
  • They treat you different when there are people around.
  • They don’t think you can do anything right.
  • As soon as they see you they will start complaining about anything and everything they can.
  • They often recycle the same topics that they know bother you over & over again.
  • They will talk down to you as inferior to them.
  • You may hear their voice change tone automatically when you are around.

This is just a few and the list is endless. By this point of the article you already know if you can relate to any of this or not and you know whether you know someone who treats you like this or not. If you just can’t avoid them you can “train” them to leave you alone and play their mind games elsewhere but you can’t change who this person is so don’t expect them to magically see what they do and stop it, it just doesn’t happen.

View each encounter with a person like this as a game of strategy and be prepared for whatever hatefulness they will send your way by keeping those happy thoughts and even asking your Spirit Team to help protect you from that energy.. they will help you!

You can energetically fight back by offsetting their poison with pleasantness no matter how nasty they get if you can contain your composure and keep your inner happiness they won’t want to keep targeting you, especially if you make them feel slow or inferior. Spend as little time with them as you can get away with and be prepared to shield them and their behavior and they will eventually quit and not have much to say to you.. if anything at all.

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