Chicks in January

And here they are!

Okay so 2 chicks popped out of the 9 eggs I had and there are still 2 eggs left that haven’t hatched yet but I have confirmed that at least one of them has life because we can see the Chick moving around in the egg but I honestly just can’t tell with the other one so hopefully we have at least one more baby on the way.

Chicks are always a dedicated 21 days so I thought I was safe to sneak away for the night to a local hotel with the Mr. like we sometimes do just for the mental break and I come back to 2 chicks waiting on me in the incubator lol. Their Moms must have sat on them a bit longer than I realized because they are healthy & happy but they weren’t due until the 21st. The black chick was apparently born the evening of the 18th and the yellow Silkie was born last night overnight sometime.

They aren’t related in any way and one is a “purebred” while the other a mixed breed, all they know is that they are family and they love each other. The black one is double the size of the yellow one and the little yellow one finds comfort under the big one and the big one loves the role of protector. Isn’t that a sweet lesson us Humans could learn from? Nobody is ever born with hatred in their heart, love is the most natural feeling in the world.

#Watchtheanimals #Lessonsinlife #everyexperienceteaches

So I will post an update when something happens with the remaining eggs! I can’t wait until I can clean that incubator because a bad egg exploded and oh my does it stink in that thing! I also just ordered some more fertile Silkie eggs from a Seller online so I plan to incubate more within just a few days!

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